Avid Smoker - The Reason I Smoke



The Reason I Smoke

Why do I smoke cigarettes?  For me it's simply because I enjoy smoking. Yes, I know all the risk factors associated with smoking. I have seen commercials on T.V.  It's almost like a hobby for me. When I wake up in the morning I look forward to taking those first couple of drags to get me started.

Some people enjoy energy drinks, pills, or those 5 hour power shots. Not me a good cigarette does that for me no problem. My kids tell me all the time mommy you need to quit.  I don't think they realize how difficult it would be for me. I am more than addicted to cigarettes I consider them my friend.

For me it's the crackling you here as you are puffing on the cigarette. Almost like a good bonfire where you can hear the wood cracking as its burning. Others may have different things they enjoy doing like get a fountain soda to take edge off, Starbucks,  or even something as simple as biting there nails.

That's the one thing I can say about life is that no two people are alike.  What makes others happy may not make you happy. As for smoking I have smoked over 20 years and I don't plan to stop anytime soon.

Author: BDO's Anita Williams