Infant dies after grandparents forget him in the car after church in Georgia

Baby Left In Car Dies

What Can We Do To Stop These Senseless Acts?

So a lot of people know about the dangers of leaving a child in the car. I have seen a lot more videos of strangers getting involved when they see a child left inside a car. Awareness is one of the best ways to get out a message such as this. So that brings me to my next question.

What would you do?  If you were walking along and saw a baby left in a car seat all by themselves, do you get involved? That is one question I think for many Americans is hard. Even though it is not my child/children stuck in the car I do feel we must take action due to the seriousness of the situation.

Get involved to help stop potentially a death. Some parents use poor judgment and it makes us all accountable. Not helping and the child /children die will haunt you for the rest of your life. I don't know about you but, I can't stand by and watch.

The one thing I want is to make sure I am as active as possible because stopping one, two, three or four from getting left in a car is enough for me. Educate yourself, see what you can do to help.  In the long run you will be grateful to know what to do if this ever happens. 

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Author: BDO's Anita Williams