Raising children of a different color

I started really looking into this after watching a show on T.V. called Losing Isaiah. This movie was based on a black mother who got caught up in drugs and could not take care of herself much less a child. So eventually a white family started providing for and raising him. In the end his real mother got cleaned up and the state sent the boy back to his real mom. The child cried and cried until his mom called the white lady to help calm the little boy down. This movie showed that kids in general, don't know color and/or race.

In today's society we see more and more family raising children of a different race. There are many statistics out there that will say this is wrong. In my opinion this saves lives of kids regardless of race from growing up in foster homes or group homes. This is not a life in which any child should be subjected to. Children just want to be held and loved.

If a child needed a good home and I had room I would not hesitate one minute. My door is always open. Anyone in need, I will be helped. I do not care about the color of there skin at all. My husband is black and I am white. We have always taught our children that it doesn't matter what color you are just as long as you treat people with respect and kindness. We are all equal and we should not base everything on color. As parents we must teach children that color is just a feature that makes someone special.

Author: BDO's Anita Williams

Author: BDO's Anita Williams